Callander Primary School and Nursery children are all hungry for learning and are raising the bar on their attainment and achievements.

Callander Primary School and Nursery Home Page

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What's happening this week?


                                                P6 Buddy visits to the Nursery this week


                                                           Monday 23rd

                                                           9.30am - P4/5 Swimming

                                                           1.30pm - P5/6 Swimming


                                                           Tuesday 24th

                                                           9.30am - P5/6 Swimming

                                                           11am - Transition morning

                                                           1.30pm - P4/5 Swimming

                                                           6.30pm - Biketastic Training


                                                           Wednesday 25th

                                                           2.15pm - Celebration Assembly


                                                           Thursday 26th

                                                           9am - Nursery end of term celebrations

                                                           1pm - Nursery end of term celebrations


                                                           Friday 27th

                                                           10am - End of Term Service

                                                           1pm - School Closes


                                                           Have a lovely Summer and enjoy the holidays!







Our school and nursery motto is:


Hungry for learning and raising the bar!



Our school and nursery values are:


Honesty, Respect, Cooperation, Equality, Fairness and Responsibility.











The nursery day

Morning Session 9.00am-11.30am

Afternoon Session 12.45pm- 3.15pm 


The school day

    Morning session (part one)                       At Callander Primary School and Nursery we aim to become: -

    9.00 am to 10.40 am                                        Effective Contributors

    Morning session (part two)                           Confident Individuals

    10.55 am to 12.15 am                                      Responsible Citizens              

    Lunch time                                                         Successful Learners

    12.15 pm to 1.00pm

    Afternoon session       1.00 3.00 pm





School Address: 



Callander Primary School



FK17 8AG


Telephone Number: 


01877 331576


Check us out on Twitter @CallanderP



Fax Number: 


01877 331347

































































































































































































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